STAIN-PROOF™ Protection Warranty
For premium stain protection and peace of mind, we now offer warranties for all our Granite and Quartz materials including the iSTONE and iQ Ranges.

25 Years Warranty Icon
Optional 25 Year STAIN-PROOF™ Protection Warranty for all Granite
15 Years Warranty Icon
15 Year Warranty for all Quartz
(Registration Required)

The optional 25 Year STAIN-PROOF™ Protection Warranty is an after sales service where our trained technician seals your Granite (when dry after installation) using a long lasting treatment. When applied, and with the correct care and maintenance, your work surface will stay beautiful and hygenic for many years to come without the need for regular sealing.

  • Easier cleaning and hassle free maintenance.
  • Greater hygiene.
  • Permanent oil and water repellence.
  • Preserves surface colour and finish.
  • Deep penetration of dense granites.
  • Custom sealing molecules for three levels of penetration and maximum stain repellence.
  • Allows water vapour to freely escape, preventing harmful moisture build-up inside the treated material.
Warranty Image PLEASE NOTE:
Additional fees apply for the application of the STAIN-PROOF™ Protection treatment. A written warranty can only be issued when STAIN-PROOF™ Protection is applied by our trained technician. For more information view the Terms & Conditions.


Please contact us for further details and to arrange STAIN-PROOF™ Protection.

The 15 Year Warranty for all Quartz requires registration. Please contact us for further details on how to activate the Warranty.