Care & Maintenance
Granite is the hardest and most durable stone we offer making it highly scratch, heat and UV resistant. Its versatility and durability makes it suitable for a wide variety of uses from work surfaces and splashbacks to floor tiles and wall cladding. Granite is composed of the mineral quartz.

Quartz is also the main component used in the manufacture of composite quartz. A resin bound mixture of natural quartz mineral, glass or metallic flecks with added pigments to create colour. While composite quartz doesn’t scratch easily it will scratch easier than granite as the resin is not as hard as the natural quartz crystals. The resin will scorch and leave burn marks if hot pans are placed on the surface therefore the use of trivets, mats and chopping boards are recommended. Advances in quartz composite manufacturing technology allows for the imitation of beautiful marble such as our iQ Statuario, Calacatta, Alabaster and Carrara, with the added benefits of higher scratch and stain resistance compared to real marble.

Both granite and quartz composite have very low porosity meaning both types are difficult to stain.
GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS (For Natural Stone & Composite Quartz):
To keep your surfaces looking as beautiful as the first day they were installed, and to maintain a hygienic working environment, use the following as a simple guide:

Rejuvenata™ Spray and Oxy-Klenza™
  • Mop up any spills immediately.
  • For regular cleaning simply use water and lightly polish with a cloth. Always remove excess water.
  • To inhibit the build-up of general grime and make cleaning easier use our Rejuvenata™ Spray, a pH neutral cleaner specially designed for natural and composite surfaces. It is food safe, provides a mild, natural citrus scent and contains a tiny amount of invisible sealer to increase protection.
  • For ‘spot cleaning’ (cleaning of a particular area) use Oxy-Klenza™ or diluted acid free bleach (e.g. 5% sodium hypochlorite in water or similar). Always test the cleaning chemical on a small inconspicuous area of the surface before full use as it may lighten or darken some surfaces.
  • When scrubbing use a non-scratch sponge or sparkle scourer. Do not use anything abrasive.
  • To avoid scratching, do not place anything on the surface that is harder than the surface itself.
  • Do not use acid based cleaners as these may etch the surface, remove the polish or damage the resin in composite quartz.
  • Do not leave water trapped between any object and the surface (marble and quartzite particularly) as the water will slowly evaporate and may stain or etch the surface.
  • If spills are not mopped up quickly enough and deep stains are allowed to form then Oxy-Klenza™ can be used to form a special sort of poultice. Please contact us or your fabricator for further information.
We recommend sealing your surface to allow for plenty of time to clean up liquids before they absorb into the pores. We offer a STAIN-PROOF™ Protection Warranty service for all granites (post installation). Alternatively you can purchase the sealant directly from us (Warranty not included).

Pores are formed during the polishing process of composite quartz which over time can fill with particles of dirt. Sometimes that dirt, in particular tannins in tea or curry, can stick to the pores and may require a good scrub and use of Oxy-Klenza™ to remove the grime. If the pores are protected with STAIN-PROOF™ Protection liquids are automatically repelled instead of being drawn into the material, making cleaning and maintenance easier.